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My name is Mike Gilgen. At a very young age, I started doing odd jobs around the construction sites of residential homes. As a young adult, after serving overseas in the military, I went into the construction business full time. I started working on hardwood floors, installing sanding and finishing them. This work, I believe, is where I got my “eye for quality”; some may call it being a perfectionist. In my mid-twenties, I became a rough carpenter, framing tract homes (very fast paced); this is where I believe I learned the importance of production and the value of efficiency. Later I was able to combine the two traits when I became a finish carpenter. It was here that I was able to exploit all of my talents that I had refined over the years. I have worked in every area of construction, from picking up debris on a small construction site, to being the superintendent of all operations on a large industrial site, and everywhere in between.I love this work, and I love what I do. Choose Gilgen Handyman Service, and you will be able to witness my passion for this business first hand. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your project.


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